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Derek Young (1977- )

A Vancouver resident since 1996, Derek moved to the west coast from his hometown of Georgetown, Ontario to attend Simon Fraser University, where he received an honours degree from the School of Engineering Science in Electro/Mechanical Systems Engineering. During this time, he became heavily involved in the emerging pastime of
competitive fighting robots. He became the youngest ever Battlebots™ champion, and made regular appearances on the popular television show as well as many Canadian media outlets.

Derek honed his creative design and fabrication skills while building props and special effects for the Vancouver film industry starting in 2000. With each project producing a unique set of problems to be solved, it served to create familiarity with a wide range of materials and technologies and a large design palette to draw from.

Currently, Derek produces a variety of work from his studio in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. Utilizing computer-aided design and machining to his advantage, his Baltic Birch furniture line reflects his desire for modern, high-quality, modular pieces that also maintain focus on functionality, manufacturability, and material efficiency.

In his time away from building what others don't, he enjoys racing his vintage Japanese automobile.

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