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A tragically short running series, I completed many builds for this show, and most of them allowed a lot of design flexibility and were a lot of fun.

Along with the hero acrylic/aluminum vials, we made rubber-glass/lead rod versions as stunt break-aways. The digital safecracker featured tracing disco-lights and swirling blue 7-segment displays -- very, very stealthy.

SolidWorks model of vials

1600 x 1200
Finish vials and stand

SolidWorks model of digital safecracker

1600 x 1200
Finished safe-cracker

Bombs are always popular, and I worked on at least three different ones for Jake 2.0. This dirty bomb was certainly the largest and most convincing -- it made people at the studio uneasy when they first saw it. Here it is and a couple of other builds from Jake.

1600 x 1200
Dirty bomb, note the hacked cell phone detonator

1600 x 1200
Every show's got to have an eye scanner

1600 x 1200
Acrylic/HDPE Tank Stretcher

1600 x 1200
Tank Stretcher in use

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