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During a portion of the summer of 2003, I was a crew member of and worked exclusively on The Chronicles of Riddick. Here are a few of my favorite builds that I made major contributions to.

Holsters for a couple of different weapons, the MERC sidearm and a pair of shotgun nun-chucks (!). Both featured a slick linkage using an internally sprung piston and a retaining arm to hold the weapons in place. Apparently the holsters received rave reviews from the actors on set.

SolidWorks model of MERC holster

1600 x 1200
Me modeling the holster with gun

SolidWorks model of shotgun nun-chuck holster

1600 x 1200
Finished holster, made of vacuum formed ABS, Delrin and aluminum

An assortment of builds, all to be used in the Crematoria prison planet set. The planetary clock (somewhat analogous to the chain driven planetary clock in Pitch Black), was particularly fun to build, but didn't make the final cut.

Prison flashlights

1600 x 1200
Maul Stick - 168KB AVI of spring loaded action

1600 x 1200
Planetary Clock - 2MB AVI of gears 'a turnin'.

One of the last builds I worked on for the production. "Cryo Sleep Units", based on supplied artwork. Many, many parts went into the making of these (much of them manually machined!). These were probably the most seen props that I was involved with in the film.

1600 x 1200
Cryo unit parts

1600 x 1200
Six assembled units

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