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October 17/2005
I have finally posted my massive
Fighting Robots portion of my website. Recycling a bunch of old web content from my Battlebots days while including some new stuff that even veteran Battleboters have never seen before. There is a lot of content here (some 1600+ files stretched over 80MB), so grab a drink and check it out.

October 14/2005
A more comprehensive version of my biography is now online.

In furniture news Chaise Interiors is now featuring my work in their window display. Go take a look! Google Map to Chaise.

It's getting to that time of year again, and I am once again taking part in the Eastside Culture Crawl, where I intend on showing some new work.

October 5/2005
Updated my furniture page to include photos of a newly finished nesting coffee table. This piece is currently on display at Chaise Interiors.

If you are on Granville Island, stop by the BC Wood Co-op to see the rest of my line in person.

September 18/2005
The Design, Inventions and Engineered Projects section is now up, including a newly revised page on my girlfriend's bicycle.

In furniture news, new pieces will be available this week and have added Chaise Interiors just down the street from my studio to my list of retailers.

August 29/2005
The Film and Television portfolio is up.

August 28/2005
The new version of my personal portfolio page is finally up.

Currently working on filling it up with content. I will be doing it systematically from top to bottom, so anyone here to read about my cars will have to wait the longest.

In non-website related news, I have a bunch of newly finished production pieces coming soon, including a nesting table. Some have been spoken for, and some will make it to the wood co-op and other retailers. If you are interested in buying a piece please drop me a line.

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