F1-Style Semi-Automatic Transmission

This project was completed in the spring of 2001 for my undergraduate thesis project to obtain my BASc in Systems Engineering at the School of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University. For a really thourough description of my project, here is my thesis report in PDF format.

The basic functionality of the system was as follows:

- Shifting done via steering wheel mounted paddles
- Automatic pneumatic-mechanical manipulation of the transmission
- Pneumatically actuated clutching during shifts
- Automatic coil power kill during upshifts - no need to lift off the throttle
- Automatic advance of the throttle during - no need to heel and toe

The only real functional element that was missing was built in rev matching, as I was having difficultly with the sensor systems I had available to me. So the driver was reponsible for matching revs during shifting. This was done by holding the paddle in until the driver deems the engine and transmission rpm are matched, at which point the release of the paddle dumps the clutch. It worked quite well and was surprisingly smooth and quick once the initial learning curve was dealt with.

Actuator system out of car

1972 Datsun 510 wagon

Transmission swap in progress

PIC based controller

On board CO2

Clutch actuator

Throttle bumper regulator

Throttle bumper

Steering wheel and shift paddles

Gear indicator

Controller mounting position

Actuation system in car

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