Complete Control

Complete Control Version 1 (2000)
I came up with the concept of Complete Control while on a camping trip (one of very few) with my girlfriend in Oregon. Taking some inspiration from a few other robots it was still somewhat unique, and it would stand to create a new form of robot according the Comedy Central sportscasters the "clampbot". I've included my original build reports, and tales of my trip to Las Vegas Nevada for the Battlebots Season 2 filming in November 2000. The robot did quite well in its debut racking up a 2-1 record with both wins being dominant and the loss coming due to an internal failure during a match I was winning. This design showed real promise, and it was worth another shot at glory.
Quicktime videos of CCV1 in action: VS Spinster - VS Super Chiabot - VS El Diablo

Complete Control version 1 build report

Complete Control version 1 build report

Battlebots Season 2 filming, Las Vegas 2000

Vegas shenanigans

Complete Control Version 2 (2001)
Season 3 of Battlebots saw me returning with an improved Complete Control. A frustrating 1-1 record came from this season, and a lot of lessons were learned for the further development of the machine. I've reposted my original upgrade reports, and my take on Battlebot's first trip to Treasure Island for the filming of Season 3.

Complete Control Version 2 Upgrade Report

Complete Control Version 2 Upgrade Report

Battlebots Season 3 filming, Treasure Island 2001

Battlebots Season 3 filming -- girls and guns

Complete Control Version 3 (2001)
The most successful version of Complete Control -- it nearly made it all the way. It lost in spectacular fashion in the Middleweight finals. Since I never got around to making a page about version 3 at the time, I've done so now. Click through any photo to access this.

Version 3 upgrades

Season 4 taping, Treasure Island 2001

Carmen Electra!

Utter destruction

Complete Control Version 4 (2002)
The last and most advanced version of Complete Control. It also happened to be the least sucessful Battlebot I have ever competed with. A 0-1 record was a sad way to end my Battlebots career. It later competed at Steel Conflict in January 2003 where it made it well into the competitive ladder, but was extensively damaged by Christian Carlberg's Kneebreaker. During the final two weeks of construction, I kept a day-by-day account of my progress on the Something Awful forums, which I have reposted here for the first time. The journal ends off a couple of days before heading to the event. Those days were very taxing -- working 36 hours straight prior to leaving, and then spending a couple of days at the event trying to get the robot through the safety inspection. I was the last person to pass safety, at which point nearly 75% of the competition had already been eliminated. My lack of preparedness was a major contributor to my failings that season, and I hope I learned something from all of that.

Version 4 before being loaded into the car at midnight 1600 x 1200

Mocking up cardboard armour in the pits

Finished robot

Danny, Kevin and I in the pits

Fun and Games
I was lucky enough to have Complete Control used in a few different spin-off Battlebots products.

Hasbro toy version of Complete Control
1600 x 1200

Low poly model of Complete Control from the unreleased PS2/Gamecube video game

Playing card from the "Battlebots Kickbot Arena Game" board game -- my robot happened to have the worst stats in the game

Screen capture from the woeful Gameboy Advance title "Beyond the Battlebox" -- CC was one of 16 featured robots

Complete Control Media Sightings
Seeing that I was the only Canadian to ever be on the Battlebots television show, when it came time to start airing in my home country, I was thrust into the media spotlight. It was fun and I took a trip to Toronto with the robot to appear on a bunch of different television shows. You can read a bit about that in my version 2 upgrade report. Here are a few of the print media articles about Complete Control and I from around that time. Nearly all feature awful photos of me any my bizzare hair circa 2001.

Saturday Night Magazine
January 20, 2001

The Globe and Mail
January 26, 2001

Vancouver Province
January 26, 2001

Vancouver Sun
January 29, 2001

TV Week
January 20-26, 2001

Toronto Sun TV Magazine
February 11-17, 2001
Inside article

Vancouver Sun SFU graduate spotlight
June 6 2001

Design Product News

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